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10 Topics Businesses Can Blog About

Posted by Travel Club on February 24, 2015 at 8:30 AM

1) Case Studies

Whether you are a business that sells products or some type of service, case studies are really fun for your customers to read and a great way for them to get to know your company’s thought process. It shows what type of work you have done or what products you sell and also what kinds of solutions you provide. This could also be something to tie in with customer service type businesses where you can create a scenario based on an actual study and share how the problem was solved.



2) How Your Business Operates


While you do not have to always divulge how your business might ship a product or perhaps answer customer concerns, it is always nice. People still get suspicious of buying online. They want to know if the company they are buying from seems reputable when they visit. While you can have a company policy, privacy policy, terms of service, and any other types of legalese pages, sometimes reassuring your clients by talking about how you go about conducting your business really helps.


3)Company News

Company news topics are nice to see. If you are a small business with a few employees and have a couple events, it is nice to see human interaction by covering employee events. Of course, you do not want to go overboard and share who got drunk in front of everyone, but you can definitely share some of the highlights of these company get-togethers. Your clients get to see more than just an email from you. They can connect with seeing pictures of those who make your business happen. Other company news could be changes in board and other policies. Please note, use your discretion when writing company news and if something confidential should not be posted, be smart and refrain from posting info your customers probably do not need to know.


4) News In Your Niche


This one is not one that businesses always think about covering. In fact, it is overlooked quite a lot and should not be. Covering news in your business’s niche can be a way to build some back links and build some nice relationships with others in your field. It is also a way to flex both your knowledge and your client’s knowledge about the way your niche works. You might try a weekly roundup of links, or possibly writing an article about a topic and linking back to similar articles that have also covered the same thing.

5) Related Products Or Service Recommendations To Your Business

There are always going to be businesses out there that do what you do, or even have a few more things that you do not. You might like to do price comparisons, or if the product is slightly different, do a product comparison. This is also a good time to break out those affiliate marketing products from your biz friends that you really stand behind.

6.) Special Interest Articles

You might go to conferences that are related to your niche and rub elbows with someone who is well known and might give you a few words to carry on to others. You might even be able to get an interview out of them. This could also apply to meeting online too, but the special interest articles give your site an interesting kick because it can only be found at your site.

7) Fun Shares That Are Related To Your Business

Got a good story related to what your company does? Maybe you have an office cat who is just adorable? Or maybe there was an office related comic strip that pretty much seems so much like what you experience with your business? Just like special interest articles, these little fun shares make your company unique. Of course, you do not want to look like a business that is lazy and not doing your job, but really, some shares only take a few moments to post,.


8. Polls


Feedback is important to any business. It could be a survey on how your customers like a new brand you decided to use and sell. It could be a poll on what your customers think of your service. Polls usually do not take much time and are quick ways to produce feedback your company really needs.


9). Videos On Product or Service Demonstrations

A lot of people can probably admit to being very visual. Video blogging might require alittle more effort, but it certainly adds a dynamic touch to any blog. It could be a product or service demonstration. It could be a review. Do not forget to write out at least a paragraph with your video to help optimize it a little more for search engines.

10). Detailed Focus On Your Own Products or Services

This is a HUGE marketing opportunity that is constantly over-looked by a lot of business sites. There is absolutely no focus on specific products or services. Stop avoiding your products! Talk about them! It is not spam if you are actually talking about your products or services. How can your customers or even potential customers know what you are trying to sell, especially if you are also marketing on Facebook and Twitter? It is one thing to just share the link to your individual products, and another to actually write about it. This actually helps your website’s search-ability! Not “might”, but it DOES!



Now that I have shared with you 10 ideas for topics your business can blog about, go and blog! If your site is lacking in web content, a web blog, product data, or articles, feel free to contact us.

Categories: Shopping, Travel, Entertainment

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