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E-Bikes, Cars & Scooters

Posted by Travel Club on November 7, 2020 at 7:40 PM Comments comments (335)

Electric Scooters, Bikes and cars are a surprisingly effective means of getting from A to B while you are on vacation.

Electric scooters are a surprisingly effective means of getting from A to B. Cheaper than a car or a motorbike, easier than a bicycle or roller-blades, they fill a need and they fill it well.


Essentially, scooters are mini-motorcycles with smaller engines. Historically, they have been petrol-powered, but the new generation of electric scooters, bikes and cars have brought many advantages. Electric scooters are much less noisy than any other kind of motorcycle, and they require no fuel apart from being plugged into the mains electricity. They don’t pollute, and generally need far less maintenance.

Of course, the real reason that many people ride electric scooters is that they are cheap, and you often don’t need a driving license to use one. These are such big upsides that people feel able to ignore the low speeds and distances that scooters can manage, seeing the scooter as a superior form of bicycle instead of an inferior form of motorbike. They are especially popular in Asia, where people have long travelled by bike in much greater numbers than in the rest of the world.


Scooters are often considered to be safer than motorbikes, as they don’t go as fast and don’t have so many moving parts exposed, and your feet can be safely tucked inside the bike. While they used to be considered quite dorky for this reason, modern scooters are often more than a match for motorbikes in terms of design and style. Still, scooter riders can feel unusual and excluded, and for this reason there are many scooter clubs around for scooter owners to join and meet each other. These clubs often hold events like races and cross-country rides, and are generally much more active than you would expect. While many will have retro or classic scooters, you will be more than welcome with a modern one, so why not go along?

Share your e-bike, car or scooter exprience in the comments section below.


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10 Ways To Attract Local Visitors

Posted by Travel Club on April 21, 2020 at 6:55 PM Comments comments (991)

When your business is part of the travel industry, you know that on any given day a variety of factors could influence travelers’ desire to head to your destination. A natural disaster in another part of the country could leave tourists feeling skeptical about whether or not it’s safe to head to your city. Political unrest or civic protests taking place in your region may deter international tourists from wanting to get out and explore. It’s important to remember that these outside influences can have an impact on your international bookings, but you don’t have to feel doomed by this prospect.

Rather, you need to shift your focus and attract local visitors.

Local promotion often makes the crucial difference between business success and failure. Customers or clients must know about a business or product line before they'll buy and they must have a reason to buy.


Here are 10 ways to attract local visitors when International numbers are down.


One of the best ways to grab the attention of local visitors is to showcase your commitment to the local community. As a travel-related business, you may have spent a lot of effort building your online visibility and creating a brand that is recognised around the globe. It’s easy to forget about your local community when you have your sights set so high. However, sponsoring local community events and festivals is a great way to prove that you support the local economy as well as the international economy. It can help boost your recognition among local residents, who may not have realized that you have something to offer them as well.

If appropriate, you can step in during a community emergency, offering products and services to help an organization or individuals in need.



It might be easy for local residents to write off your business as one that was not meant for them. However, by creating valuable packages aimed directly at those who live in your destination, you can prove that there is something for everyone at your tour and activity company. For example, you could create a package that includes a tour or activity as well as a picnic lunch filled with local food products collected from other nearby businesses. This package showcasing all that your destination has to offer can be given at a discount to those who live there.




It’s becoming increasingly popular for people to purchase gift cards for an experience rather than give traditional material items as gifts. Promote your tours as a gift that anyone in your country can enjoy. Gift cards are the perfect product to promote during the holiday season, as people try to think of the best things to give that special person on their list.


Eventually, you can expect the tide to turn and your international bookings to recover. However, when you have put the effort into attracting local visitors, you will uncover additional market segments that you can continue to tap into for years to come. Local residents appreciate feeling like they are a part of the tourism industry in their own country, and they will continue to recommend your tours and refer other locals to your company.



People love to receive "free" items, especially items they can use to gain knowledge or improve their lives. You can base and entire promotional campaign on this desire. If you're running a boat or fishing charter business, for instance, you could give away a charter brochure, free charter planning guides, or How and when to plan your next boat charter. Once you begin giving away authoritative information or valuable gift giveaways customers will begin to perceive you as an expert in your field and tell others.



Want to get your business in the local newspaper? It may be easier than you think. If you don't have any news to report to the local media, create some. Maybe you've taken on a new associate. Or maybe you're selling an unusual product line or you’ve opened a free give-away for the community. Or maybe you've received an award from a civic or professional group. Local newspapers are often quite interested in business news of this sort and can help you attract the attention of your local community.



Virtual Tours of your tourist attraction can do wonders for your business not to mention the virtual experience of actually being there live and in-person. Show people what they are missing out on by creating a virtual experience of your tour. This can be a short 2 -3 minute video showcasing some of the best features of your travel business. A virtual tour is a great way to show potential customers what they are misssing by not being at your attraction.

Here are two examples of virtual tours. One long and one short tour. 

You need Adobe Flash Player to view this content.

You need Adobe Flash Player to view this content.

If you need additional Tips and advice about setting up your Virtual Tour feel free to email me at [email protected] 




Collaborations is when you partner with two or more people or organizations to achieve a primary goal. You can collaborate with a neighboring business to send business your way and vice versa. Business Partnerships are a great way of accessing greater resources, recognition and rewards when facing competition for finite resources. Local and international travel businesses can join our discount network by offering our members a discount that is not offered to the general public.

In exchange, we place your business logo on our website, create a great blog post with your discount and contact information on our website. Plus, have a link back to your website and/or Facebook page! 




Are you launching a new product? Trying to increase visibility among a particular segment of your community? Offer your product to one or more local charities as a raffle prize or for use at a fund raising event. You'll receive lots of exposure among people who buy tickets or attend the event.



Offer a desirable or unique item-or even several items-as contest prizes. First, find a contest theme that ties into your travel business. A hotelier might offer a One-night stay contest. A tour attraction might offer an enter to win a FREE-Tour contest. A boat or fishing charter company might offer a contest. You could offer a ’Product Of The Month’ contest. Invite contest submissions via online and off-line channels and offer prizes to the winner(s). Do contests attract attention? You bet. All it takes is a few signs, a small press announcement or two, and the word will spread throughout the area. Use an online form on your web site and Facebook page to handle contest submissions.


Traditional pen and paper entry submissions work too.



Everyone loves a party. Why not celebrate the anniversary of your business or some special holiday by offering discount sales, baked goods and beverages. If you're running a travel business, perhaps you can offer an open house or use a small banquet room in your community. Besides refreshments, be sure the place is brightly decorated. Get the local bakery or coffee shop involved to help cut cost. If your business is open all year long use the off season to target your local market with seasonal holiday and anniversary parties.

Was this article useful? If so, download 50 Ways To Make Your Business More Profitable

How To Choose The Right Travel Agent

Posted by Travel Club on February 8, 2020 at 8:20 PM Comments comments (383)

Choose The Right Travel Agent For The Very Best Cruise Experience


Taking a cruise is one of the best travel vacations you will ever have. But the most important thing is choosing the right travel agent for booking your cruise vacation. Here are cruise tips for picking the right agent and getting the best price.


Choosing a travel agent should be easy. Go to travel agents that specialize in cruising. I cannot stress this enough. There agencies that book cruises only and then there are agents within Travel Agencies that are specialists in cruising. Either one of these will fit the bill.


Ask the agent a lot of questions, like what cruise lines that agent has sailed on? They should be very knowledgeable about all the aspects of cruising- food, activities, entertainment, the size of the cabins available, the size of the ship, what kind of facilities and the clientele. To be really sure of the agents’ expertise, ask for a CLIA accredited agent.


Ask about a variety of cruises, not just one or two lines. Some agents push one or two lines because they either have booked a big block of space on a ship or they get a higher commission from a particular cruise line, they call these their “Preferred Suppliers”. Ask them who their Preferred Suppliers are and what lines they have personally sailed on. Many times it will be the Preferred Suppliers but you want someone who has experienced many cruise lines.



Cruise Tip: When choosing an agent, ask how long she/he has worked for the agency. You want one that has been there at least two years, has been on several lines, and can answer all of your questions. It is not realistic to expect the agent to have sailed on all of the cruise lines but you want one that has sampled many.


There are a couple of tricks to get the best priced cruise. Go to one Travel Agent who specializes in cruises; go through the options available for the type of cruise you want. After the agent has narrowed it down she/he will than say it’s time to call the lines and check for availability. The next step is to put a hold on the cabin which she will put in your name. Normally the cruise line will hold a cabin for a week. .


Go home and call another cruise agency and ask for their cruise specialist. Give that agency the same information along with the price quoted by the first agent. See if this agent can beat the price. If she can, go back to the first agent and tell her your mother, sister, friend, was able to get a better price and can she meet that price. Chances are she will, especially if she has placed you on a Preferred Supplier. Don’t feel bad about this. You will probably book with the first agent, and the second agent did not do any work except make a phone call. This will also let you know if the first agent did a good job. If agent number 2 can’t beat the price or quotes you a higher price, bingo, you’ve got yourself a great agent in on the first try.


The third thing you will want to do is check the internet for any deals on that particular ship. You can check by search engine or by going to the individual cruise lines website.


Your local newspaper will have a cruise travel section with lots of ads for cruises and will list discount fares. Or go to your local bookstore and browse the Magazine section for Cruise related publications. And of course the Cruise lines all have websites where you can book directly. But if you are a new cruiser it is best to go to a Travel Agent that knows cruising and can answer all your questions including the pro and cons of each and every cruise line.


Cruise Tip: If you are strictly looking for price, go to travel agents that have booked large blocks of rooms on a particular cruise and they will be able to give you a good discount. Just make sure that this is the type of cruise you want to take. Consider the ships “personality”. There are ships that are completely casual all of the time, or ships that promote partying, and ships were people are elegantly dressed all of the time. Choosing your cruise style is one of the first things you should decide, this will help the Travel Agent find the ideal ship for you.

Copy the list below and take them with you when you visit your chosen Travel Agency (write answers below questions):

1. What is the total price for the cruise? It should include port charges, air fare and transfers to and from the airport.

2. Can any money be saved by traveling on a different cruise line with similar amenities or if I traveled at a different time of year?

3. Does the agency have a way of checking if the rate drops as the cruise date nears? If so, will the travel agent automatically lower my fare?

4. Does the cruise line offer travel insurance and what kind if they do? Does the agency offer insurance or know a reputable company?

5. What is the last day you can cancel without penalty? What are the penalties?

6. What proof of citizenship is expected? What other documents will I need?

7. If I want to change the itinerary or go earlier or stay later is that possible?

8. Who will make my airline reservations? When can I get seat assignments?

9. Find out where your cabin will be and if it is close to the dining room, the elevator, the disco, the pool etc. Ships are large and there will be considerable walking.

10. Arrange with the agent what type of beds you want, queen or twin.

11. Tell the agent when you want to dine and how large the table should be.

12. If purchasing an outside cabin has the agent checked to make sure the view is not obstructed? If this doesn’t matter to you, you may be able to save some money by booking an obstructed view.

13. What are the weight restrictions if you are flying to the port?

14. When will I get my travel documents?

15. If you have a special diet request make it now.

16. If it is your honeymoon have the travel agent notify the cruise line. The lines usually have special gatherings for newly weds.

17. If you are traveling in a large group the cruise line should also be notified.

18. If you have any special needs such as cribs or baby food now is the time to have the agent tell the cruise line.

19. If you have a health issue, ask about the infirmary

20. Do they have any cruise reviews that you can see or get a copy of?


These questions and the information above will aide you in finding the right Travel agent to book your cruise vacation. Just a little bit of work and then you can Set Sail!

Happy Cruising!

Copyright © 2006 Mary Hanna All Rights Reserved.



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Travel Like a VIP 6


5 Winter Beach Vacations Ideas

Posted by Travel Club on February 1, 2020 at 8:05 AM Comments comments (553)

During the winter months, finding a beach vacation spot can be a little difficult. It doesn't have to be, which is where this article will really come in handy. Below, you'll find some resorts that offer a unique twist to your winter beach vacation.

1. Molokai Ranch and Lodge

On a white sand shore on the tiny Hawaiian island of Molokai, guests will stay in comfortable yet unique tents. Each double unit canvas bungalow sits on wooden platforms, offers queen size beds in one unit, twin beds in the other, solar powered lights, and a private bathroom with hot water showers.

The Molokai Ranch and Lodge offers over 54,000 acres, including seaside cliffs with very lush valleys. The outdoor activities here include sea kayaking, cultural hikes, mountain biking, and horseback rides. For the kids, the lodge offers nature walks, horse stables, tidal pools and Hawaiian arts and crafts.

2. Grand Wailea Resort and Spa of Hawaii

Long ago, a big swimming pool was enough to make guests happy. Now days, resorts compete in water activities such as lagoons, waterfalls, water slides, and even lazy rivers. The Grand Wailea Resort offers several attractions, such as the 4,580 square foot Hibiscus pool, and the 25,700 square foot Canyon Activity pool which is great for families.

3. Atlantis Resort of the Bahamas

In the amazing water fun department is the unique Atlantis Resort and Spa on Paradise Island in the Bahamas. Along with the beach, the Atlantis has eleven swimming pools, Mayan Temple water slides, and lazy river rides. The Atlantis also boasts an amazing marine habitat, with exhibit lagoons that house more than 50,000 sea animals.

4. Club Med Punta Cana

Over the last several years, the Dominion Republic has been working very hard to establish itself as a destination for families, with many all inclusives being built. This location has all the perks of a tropical resort plus stand out features that include kids programs, and other attractions that make Club Med Punta Cana one of the most unique beach vacation spots in the entire world.


5. Virgin Islands

The US Virgin Islands National Park is a very unique vacation spot with white sandy beaches, and lodging in comfortable tent cottages. As with the Molokai Ranch, guest cottages are built on platforms and designed to be both attractive and comfortable. Each one has a sleeping area, bed linen, towels, kitchen utensils, stove, ice cooler, and even a private deck.

Water sports for the area include kayaking, wind surfing, snorkeling, and scuba diving. There is also an outdoor restaurant and a food store for those who want to cook from the privacy of their own room.

Thrifty Car Rentals

Posted by Travel Club on January 19, 2020 at 12:35 PM Comments comments (829)

EN - 728x90


Getting thrifty car rentals


When planning to travel to other countries or even just to a different state, car rental has always been a must especially for traveling business men who need to go to one place to another. However, is spite of whatever “status” they may have, business men as well as ordinary travelers still opt to find and avail of the most thrifty car rentals that they could find. Thrifty car rentals usually abound, whether it be on directories, the internet or wherever it is that you can find service advertisements. It really just a matter of choosing the best thrifty car rental for you and your needs.


Convenience is always a must whenever a person travels, this is pretty much while a lot of people opt to avail of thrifty car rentals, aside from having the convenience of being able to go whichever place they want without the hassle of hopping from one kind of mass transportation to another, they still get good value for their money.


A good example of a reputable thrifty car rental service company in the country is the Alamo car rental company. A lot of people actually recommend availing its thrifty car rental service, because of aside from being practical, they provide good and efficient service to their customers. From providing their customers with a wide range of vehicles to choose from, cars, RVs, basically just whatever type of vehicle that you may need for you travels. They also have various travel programs that you can choose from, this thrifty car rental has actually created various customer programs to suit each and every one’s needs and demands. From corporate programs to government contractor programs, thrifty car rentals surely is their line of expertise.


Another good reason for choosing the Alamo car rental service as your thrifty car rental option, is their strict adherence to quality of service, they’ve really made a name fro themselves by making sure that their customers needs are always kept and they’ve made it a point to keep their good customer feedback by assuring their customers (as well as those who are just browsing) that they provide quality, yet thrifty car rentals.


Thrifty car rentals should never really be a hassle to your traveling needs (or demands), it is pretty easy to land on a huge list of companies that are able to provide quality yet thrifty car rentals. Just be sure to keep a keen eye on the companies that you are choosing from, unfortunately, is spite of a lot of thrifty car rentals who really do try to make an honest living by providing good, quality service to its customers, some sleazy thrifty car rentals still circulate in the market. Be sure to be cautious still when choosing, some may offer really low rates but their cars may be not of real good quality, simply put, the reason why they’re offering thrifty car rentals may be because of their defective cars.


Look out for "signs" when you’re choosing. Ask around, from your family, friends, colleagues and especially your travel agent in which of these thrifty car rentals would they actually recommend. Weigh out your options based on your needs, wants and most importantly, you budget. Of course, having a limited budget shouldn’t really just force you to end up settling with just any thrifty car rental service, shelling out a little more may not really hurt you. In the end, when it comes to looking for thrifty car rentals, it really is more of the quality of service that they provide which should matter to you.

Find out how to save money when you Rent A Car in the USA!

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Ladies Weekend Trolley Bag

Posted by Travel Club on January 12, 2020 at 11:10 AM Comments comments (254)

Ladies Canvas Weekender Bag Overnight Carry-on Tote Duffel in Trolley Handle (Polka Dot Blue). Available in many other styles and colors!

This is a sturdy bag for anyone looking for pack two to three days worth of clothing, towels, gifts, make up, hair accessories, etc. a weekender bag or a cute carry-on duffle, as well as holding a laptop up to 15.6 inches. Get one today!

Alamo Car Rental

Posted by Travel Club on January 5, 2020 at 12:40 PM Comments comments (238)

EN - 728x90

Checking out the Alamo car rental


One of the more popular and reputable car rental service in the country is the Alamo Car Rental company. It is highly recommended not only thorugh word of mouth, but in the internet as well. The Alamo car rental company is actually a blessing to constant travellers, especially those seeking a way to make their travels be as comfortable as possible, it is best to check out the Alamo car rental company and find out for yourself if they really as good when it comes to their services as they claim to be.


The Alamo car rental company actually gives its customers varied service programs that they can choose from, from corporate programs to governement contractor programs to meeting and events probrams. Alamo car rental has your back (plus your head) covered. They can actually provide you with whatever vehicle that you will want (depends on what you actually need that time).


Aside from quality service, Alamo car rental actually prides itself for being able to deliver unbeleivably cheaper rates (as compared with their rival car rental services agency) which just goes to show how Alamo car rental has been devoted to its consumer public. By sticking to cheaper rates, Alamo car rental agencies actually give their clients a good value for their money.

Alamo car rental is also a good choice for businessmen who are jetting off from one state to another, rather, from one country to another (thus the need for the private vehicle). They actually provide businessmen an exlcusive and unique “business travel program” which obviously is just focused on delivering the needs of valued and busy businessmen.


Certain Alamo car rental policies and guidelines include the following:


Informing them about an additional driver as well as any disabilities or sickness and complications.

Your credit card number, basically how you’re planning for Alamo car rental’s excellent service.

Proper papers, licenses and identification cards.


Well there are actually a lot more, But its really best to highlight the more important ones. The Alamo car rental service adheres these strict rules and guidelines in order to maintain service efficiency and their good reputation to the public.


Contacting them is actually just a breeze, if you’re not able to locate their listed number in the directory, you can just search for their number instead, on the internet. The internet has a varied and incredibly enormous array of lists that will inevitably lead you to the Alamo’s car rental service’s number. However, you can also reach them through electronic mail. Geared towards providing unparalled service to its loyal customers as well as those who are still looking for a car service rental that they want to try out, Alamo car rental has provided the public with various ways of being able to reach them.


And speaking of trying their best to give their curtomers great service, Alamo car rental has actually equipped their vehivcles with other services that might possibly prove to be very useful to their clients. Upon request, one may avail of the various “add-ons’ that only Alamo car rental can provide. From carphones to kiddie chairs. Alamo car rental service has prided itself for always being in the forefront of the car rental industry. Be sure to check the out once you’re having some car rental problems, they’re sure they can help you out.


Find out how to save money when you Rent A Car in the USA!


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Business Travel - Easier And Cheaper

Posted by Travel Club on December 21, 2019 at 8:15 PM Comments comments (348)

There is not always a good way to travel in this country because of recent events and that can make things all the worse for the person. The main focus of the business travel arena is the cost and the ease at which a person can travel. These two things do not always go hand in hand but there are ways that one can learn to make the travel experience a bit easier and a lot more cost effective.


Use these methods to make certain that the business travel that you must do goes as smoothly as possible. There is nothing that can be gained when a bad business trip goes on. Much of the time this means that there is a lot of undue stress and that can be dangerous to someone that is already in the worst of moods.


The first bit of advice when traveling for business is too make sure that you do not wait until the last minute to book the flight. This can mean that you have the worst possible cost and the worst possible flight involved in the whole thing. Most often the closer to the flight date that you book the more expensive it becomes. This is an effort by the airline to fill the seats and make the most money from them.


The cost will be about three times higher than that of a one month advance booking. So you are looking at the primary way that you can save money. If you are able then you should plan on booking the flight at least one month in advance. The further away the booking is the lower the cost as the airline is interested in getting the flight filled from the earliest point that it can to make sure that they are maintaining a good schedule. Internet sites are good for this kind of booking and can often times ensure that you are saving a lot more money when you consider the fact that most of the sites have a deal to save the customers money with the airlines themselves.


The other method for saving money is to fly coach when you are paying for the ticket yourself. While there are many companies that will offer to fly their employees first class to the destination, the main focus is now the saving of money and many people are now responsible for their own costs. This is the reason why you should always fly coach. The airlines are seeing that many people have been unhappy with the room and all in coach so they have been making a lot of changes to the size of the seats and the room that is available.


The main focus has been making sure that the seats are two by two rather then in rows of three. This means less people and more room for those that are aboard. With this method the airlines are actually making more money then they were with the three rows of seats because more people are willing to fly under the better conditions. The coach seating is very economical and can really make for some pleasant trips.

Again, the further that you book in advance the better chance you have for a deal.


Share your tips on how to make business travel easier and less costly! 

Who Needs A Bag When You Can Wear A Vest

Posted by Travel Club on December 10, 2019 at 11:15 AM Comments comments (669)

The AyeGear V26 is a must-have travel vest that is a mandatory addition to any shopping cart. Packed with 26 concealed pockets, in all shapes and sizes with comfort at the core of the garment - with or without pockets loaded. Rugged, durable, weight balanced, wrinkle-free and extremely versatile, the V26 is ideal for the travelling professional or adventurous world traveller.


Once cleared through security, pick up your V26 vest and give a big wave to the folk behind you getting the full security pat down. Thats what we call, express check-in!

Think of it as the bag you can wear, or just as a perfect travel companion. Who needs more luggage when your Vest holds all your kit?